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Prog Blog Post #2

Written by : Posted on September 16, 2016 : No Comments


So we released our new EP “Fission Spectrum”. We’re pretty excited about it. We put A LOT of hard work and A LOT of labor hours into creating it. And we’ve had help along the way, like our audio engineer (the wizard himself) Tracy Schroeder and the fantastic artist who drew the cover, Alyssa Perez.

But you know, for all the time that was put into this new EP, we just hope that you enjoy listening. That’s all we want in return. Well, that and a little feedback. So guess what this prog blog is about?


I want you to do two things: First, listen to “Fission Spectrum” (and show us love if you like it by purchasing it!). Second, come back here and leave us a comment. Tell us what you liked about it. Tell us what you absolutely hated about it (I promise we can take it; we have pretty thick skin). We are going to keep making the music we love, but if there are things about our music that you REALLY like, we can work on putting a little more of that into our future music (but only because it’s you. we wouldn’t do this for anyone else).


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Prog Blog Post #1

Written by : Posted on April 12, 2016 : 24 Comments

Hey hey heyyyy, Tony here. Welcome to the first Kairos Prog Blog post! Here, we will talk about whatever is currently floating our boat (or sinking it). Feel free to leave us comments or questions!

So for the first blog post, I’ve decided to open up the field for blog suggestions. What do you want to talk about with us? Do you want to know more about our concept, gear, writing process, or general band shenanigans? If so, leave a comment! And please, if your suggestion is that we discuss video games, anime, movies, graphic novels, etc., then we TOTALLY WELCOME THAT. 

You stay classy, You.


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