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“On top of that, there’s a prevailing sense of grandness to everything that really makes this feel like a story. Even at its heaviest and most dissonant, during its most avant-garde moments, the band maintains this inexplicably regal air that lends the music additional gravitas. It’s a difficult thing to put to words, but it made the album even more enjoyable for me. There’s nothing else out there quite like Kairos, and I highly recommend Fission Spectrum to anyone into progressive music of any sort. There’s a lot to digest, and it’s quite dense, but it’s so very worth your time.” – Spear, Toilet Ov Hell 


“Not only are they hugely talented but the music is off the wall! Some awesomely heavy riffs are thrown at the listener but then the music can take a complete left or right turn and turn into quirky, atmospheric prog and melodic landscapes, in fact you are never quite sure what will come next. Guitarists Kevin Pearce and Tony Davis are top drawer players, both studied at UNCC and if pinpoint and buzz saw shredding in the style of Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry, Kaipa) Kelly Shaefer (Atheist), David Davidson (Revocation) or John Petrucci (Dream Theater) is your thing then you will love Kairos. Of course you’ll also need a rhythm section to match that quality and Jackson Owens (Bass) and Dalton Holland (Drums) appear to have more fingers and arms than is humanly possible!” – Rick Tilley, Metal Gods TV


“…devastatingly heavy…perfectly executed…chaotic brilliance… It’s an EP with loads to love, it has some fantastic moments built into songs that are definitely offering more than most bands within the death metal genre.” – The Disc, GBHBL


“There’s nothing quite like the band’s music and it’s incredibly unique…” – Jared Allen, Volume Magazine


“Wow this band Kairos. completely surprised me. There [sic] between the lines of progressive metal and death metal. They have this clean/gut rolling singing style. Kind of hard to say who there [sic] influences are but I’m definitely hearing this Cynic and Edge of Sanity influence in there. I just can’t place the other influences in this…” – Technical/Progressive Death Metal, Facebook Page 


“I have covered a lot of bands through the years at [The Pit Unsigned], but this magnificent 5 piece band out of Charlotte NC has some how eluded me. I listened to a few of the bands songs and was very impressed at how tight and well put together their sound was, but when I got to Chagrin I realized how UNIQUE this band is and how vital their sound is to the music scene.” – Brian Hatchell, The Pit Unsigned Magazine


“Debut EP from this new North Carolina band that produces some fine aggressive groove/tech death but with some wacky prog breaks that are a lot of fun…’ – Jeff Stevens, Prog Metal Zone